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loved it even tho its kinda embarrasing that it took me almost 40 minutes

I'm so happy there's a new gnome game! It's been so long! And they even have little masks XD its so cuteee

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I wonder if you could use this location E-15, 24, 12520 Nules, Castellón for your next game. 

This looks nice! But I'd have to go there to take pictures...

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"Unable to find game" Why does this always happen with your games?

Ok I figured out that I can just drag to desktop and it worked!

Mac os mojave says "Unable to find game"!

Move it from Downloads to somewhere else. (Desktop)

Thank you!  

Possibly the first one where I manage to find all the gnomes. :D Thanks for removing the time limit! ;) And also thanks for all the in-game bonus items. ;D

Thank you for this cute little game! Love from Taipei :D

Downloaded the game for Windows, but whenever I try to launch, it gives me the message "Nothing that can be launched was found." 

I assume you downloaded zip file unpacked it into a folder and then opened the .exe file in that folder?

I liked the new features :D


Thanks for a great game that made my quarantine much easier. Excellent photos! 


So happy to see a new release!...However as usual, game isn't opening via download link for Mac, nor via game website as directed...Both result in error message :/

I'll look into notarization.....

Can you try now? Not notarized yet, but signed properly.

OK thanks ...

Now gives new error msg: 

“10 Gnomes in Malmo-2” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

...and says to contact developer. Also I tried updating my mac OS to Catalina in case that mattered, to no avail...Will keep trying different methods on my end. It's torture not being able to get to your games!! Yours are the best !!!

Honestly Catalina is the problem here. :/

They allow only notarized apps on that system, and this is frankly beyond my skills. :/

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Hi, I found a workaround for Catalina !

0) open the Terminal application

1) copy the Ressources in the expected directory with the following command :

(I assumed that the 10 Gnomes app file in your Download directory)

cp -r ~/Downloads/10\ Gnomes\ in\* ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.mateuszskutnik.10gnomesmalmo/

2) launch the game with the following command

~/Downloads/10\ Gnomes\ in\

3) enjoy !

Thank you Mateusz for this game, very welcomed in this quarantine period.


Really nice! Probably my new favourite 10 gnomes game. Really took me a while to find all those gnomes though...