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Great art! I enjoyed playing this game :)

Esse jogo tem uma expectativa de história muito boa.

it's a perfact game for speedrun

by the way ,my best is 40second

Very interesting!Love!

Ah, I love Daymare, so this is a wonderful trip back! Thank you for your wonderful work :)

Nifty! I found him, that seems like the end.

Have you tried Construct? Seems like it's what you're looking for in terms of draw and code.

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I feel like I missed some areas of the game, but I really enjoyed it! I love the old flash games.

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whatd ya SAYYY i'm THe Olny one to Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

, why you always in a mod

very cute, super charming!


Very Cute SSupear pooping

Wow I'am Win,

Fantastic & sublime

absolutely wonderful

Я не очень понял во что я поиграл, но это по крайней мере было интересно

honestly short but sweet, the sketchy artwork is immediately loveable. I had ten minutes of gameplay but it didn't feel empty or unfinished. and I adore the artwork and the little dude. Thanks !!


Oh! Yes, of course I remember this little friend of a game. What a nice memory-lane surprise.

Nice game, very cute!


The world needs more games like this. Good work mister!


Flash was an incredible tool, I remember eagerly anticipating each new Daymare release back when you published on Newgrounds. It was a blast playing this, thankyou for everything you do.

I love the vibe of the artwork!

I'm a fan of your work, so I really enjoyed this remake too!


Love the art style! This was a really fun short exploration. Thank you for the trip down memory lane :)

Thanks for the game-trip!

The good old days 😢