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Is anyone else having problems with opening the file? I didn't have any issues with Daymare or Submachine (which is an AMAZING game) but for some reason Slice of Sea won't open on my computer. 

you mean - on Windows PC?

Yup! Honestly, I think it’s just the type of computer I have- so I’m just going to buy it on Steam too. 

Thank you so much for creating such amazing and atmospheric games. Submachine was such a huge part of my childhood, and I am very excited to play Slice of Sea 🙂

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Well well, from the point of view of a Submachine lover...

... I was kind of disappointed. The game is nicely drawn, but the game mechanics are totally hard and I would need to spend weeks to win the game without looking for help. There are some locations where you would never imagine an item should be put, at the latter game you have so many items you don't even remember what they are, many important rooms are hard to remember... And the game engine does not help you at all. To make notes, you need to use an external notepad, even when you have the note in your inventory :| ... There are many bonus items, but they mostly do not have any use - I remember Submachine was full of bonus rooms that were really nice to visit. Lastly, the story... I didn't really fell pulled into. The intro and outro were very scrappy and a story during gameplay really wasn't there at all... remembering awsome notes about Mur etc during Submachine...

I'm not saying the game was bad. Just there are too many mashups for my taste.


I've been waiting to have some money to spend to buy this, and boy am I glad I did. Slice of sea is great in its own merit, easily one of the most complex game Mateusz has made, filled with great nods and callbacks to the old Daymare Town days (and I LOVED the subnautica reference). It's fun, it's hard, it's fair, and it's really inventive from start to finish.

One gripe I have, there's some things in the game that you can do, which give you no result in game (no item, no progression, etc) because they're made for achievements. I'm usually very indifferent to achievements, but since I bought this on itchio, there are no adchievements, which left me very confused and I had to look these things up, and that's a shame.

Still, this will absolutely remain as one of my highlights from one of my all time favorite artists. Looking forward to replaying the entire Submachine collection with that remaster.




What an awesome looking game! So creative, the art style and music completely move me! 


Oh my goodness! A new Skutnik game?! I've been following your games since the beginning of the submachine series in what ... 2004? 2005? And Covert Front - "Macht das licht aus!" :) All brilliant and challenging, with a beautiful, mournful atmosphere.

Back then I had hardly any spare money, and free flash games were the only gaming I could afford. Now I am so happy to have a job where I can pay for all these games. *Thank-you* for almost two decades of special and inspiring places.

I often copy elements of the environments into my sketchbook as I'm playing - the rocks, levers, piles, magic objects, bottles etc have a certain life in them.

Two notes for players on Mac:

1. As mentioned in the download notes, you might have to move the unzipped game to another folder, and then back again, to get it to run.

2. To save the game, press Esc whilst in-game, then choose Save and Quit. Don't just hard quit the game, as this will create a corrupted save file, at least it did for me. Luckily I hadn't yet progressed very far at that point :)

Happy exploring everyone!


This looks so good! I love the art style! It reminds me of Machinarium.


Pure bliss! What engine did you use if I may ask?

I guess it was made using gameMaker. But dont trust me on this

does this work in wine on linux?

It does run good ;)

I am playing this with my cousins as a regular events. We are all so excited and blown away by the intricate scale of it all and are having a great time of it really. 

This looks neat, the art style reminds me a lot of Feudal Alloy! Will have to give this a try.


I knew this would be fantastic, but wow - it was even more stunning  than I though it would be. Mr. Skutnik, I have been playing your games for almost 20 years. They're all fabulous. This one, to me, is a masterpiece. Artistically, the imagery is strange, sad, and enchanting. As for the puzzles, they are clever but never infuriating. IMHO, all point-and-click/escape/puzzle games should be evaluated in the light of your masterpieces.  

I'm fairly sure I have now played all of your works other than Submachine 10: The Exit. TBH, I almost don't want to play it because I don't want it to end. Here's wishing you a very warm, happy, and productive New Year, one which will see you creating another game or two that we can have the pleasure of purchasing.    

Bravo, esteemed artist.


Thank you. Much appreciated.

Looks great! 


have you got any demo?

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I want to buy and play Slice of Sea so bad. Then I found out I can't. I'm quite sad, as I wanted to play during Christmas holidays. I have a macbook pro 2011, with Sierra. Upgrading is not possible to highter (maybe high sierra, but not what's needed for this game). Apparently this game then won't be possible for me, according to the requirements. I really wish the game had been available for my OS too. Now I have wait a few years until I need a new computer:/ I enjoyed submachine sooo much and then Daymare Town too. 


try "where is 2021?" - if it works for you, this one will as well.


Thank you! And will Machinarium even be available for a Macbook Pro running Sierra? It didn't work on my computer, though it should work. Samorost 1-3 did work. Any suggestions?

"where is 2021" didn't work, pity..

I have no idea. these are not my games.

Sorry! Of course, I got confused. And Slice of Sea, I hope someday to be able to play it. When I need to get a new mac computer in the future. But thank you again for Submachine as well as Daymare town. I really loved both soooo much. 

You may try to use wine for mac to play the windows version. I do not own a mac conputer, so i cannot help you with that.

Sadly 'where is 2021' didn't work for me (Monterey, x86, M1).

Maybe you can update the game in the future.

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I managed to borrow a windows computer, so I could play slice of sea. It was awsome! Thank you for the beautiful game.

Since I had the borrowed computer, I also wanted to try Submachine Universe. I've played all the other submachine games before. But I thought this SU project wasn't a game. But it kind of was! It was such an exploration..Stairs, little corners, all the different atmospheres. I needed a walkthrouhgh because I got really stuck a few times:) Just a pity that it ended. I like submachine best, because I like the deserted atmosphere, nightly and abandoned yet threatening almost. The roomlike visuals with so many corners, stairs, holes you might be able to go through. That lacked a bit in slice of sea, you can go left right or enter a location in the middle. It missed a bit that surprise exploration of all the nooks and crannies of this mysterious submachine universe for me. I guess I'm just a big fan of submachine! But the visuals in slice of sea and daymare town were my favorite of your games. Thank you for sharing your art with the world!

Hehehe Say Cool!

Amazing!! I've been following updates on social media for the past few years it's amazing to see it all come together. Truly feels like stepping into another world.


Mateusz Skutnik, I thought I recognized that name!! I played Covert Front way back in the day, I thought it was fantastic.
I'm so pleased to see that you continued your work!

Nice artwork.




Can I download the game from Itch if I bought it on Steam?


I don't think this is how it works...


A very immersive game with a lifetime very interesting. I love it!