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should have stayed lost


little did you know...


the mines were on point


I love the unintentional foreshadowing. Skutnik is a prophet. 2021 be coming at us with aliens o.o

Linux version has a list of 61 required libraries that need to be installed. Two that I don't already have are: and

because it's created for specific version of linux, as stated above.

I'm on a mac running OS 10.10 And even with itch I get the following error when trying to open it: "Where is 2020 quit unexpectedly."

Can someone help me? I really want to play this. I look forward to these ones. Thanks!

It was created on 10.14 Mojave.

Maybe that's the issue here...

IOW I won't be able to play it? :*(


Doesn't open even with Itchio.  Every year! it's like a tradition.

What system are you on?

Great game. I wish I could save the progression, because I think there are many levels.

it saves automatically. 

Oh, cool to know that. I can continue for next time.

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Hello @mateuszskutnik

This game is best, Please add it to steam.



I'll be porting my older games to stema once I release my first big steam game this year. 

What a way to start 2020! I was almost worried I wouldn't find it and time would just stop lol 

Funny game ! Come back for 2021 :D

Wow! Very cool game! )))

Awesome game, a great way to ring in the new year!

This is so good. Wow. 


I can`t start the game even with itch, there is always a warning from "norton"  - do you have any other options to get it started?

ignore norton...

I only get a white screen, after 20 seconds it disappears, then i get the warning from norton - perhaps there is a problem that affects norton? anyway, i can' get it started with or without itch, neither on my laptop or on my tablet.

this is not a tablet game. And it seems it's getting blocked by norton. So consider adding this application to norton's list of allowed apps.

Happy to return to looking for the new year as gnome santa! Happy new years everybody! 


I. LOVED. IT. The increased difficulty made it so much more fun, plus it felt soooooo much more polished. I regret only playing these games, my 2020 resolution will be to support you more!

I am really amazed by the progress this series shows. I used to play "Where is 2009?" every year since I was 10 and it was only last year that I realized there is more. And even though I think that game looked good, the newest one are just art (in terms of how they look, because gameplay itself is a whole new, fun story)


I'm so happy to see this series continue! Keep up the amazing work, Mateusz!


Wow, this game was definitely more difficult than previous years, but a lot of fun! Thanks for helping us all start the new decade off with a BANG! ;-)

Happy New Year!

That was interesting, really good graphics. I was stoked when I found 2020

Finding 2020 was tougher than finding previous years but of course it had to be done! Happy New Year! :)

The mines and snowball-defense turrets (SDT in English, TABZ in Romanian, or which is it in Polish?) definitely were something new. I had fun with those. It took a while to figure out each room (screen) but it was nice.

TABZ = Turete de Apărare contra Bulgări de Zăpadă

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Yes, the third installement of the "where is" series is here and i've waited 360 odd days for this.. The video is uncut, no editing and I loved this. Thank You

Good Luck


more like thir...teenth

cannot open this game on my Mac. It requires  a 64 bits app. How to solve this problem? Apple support asks me to contact the developer (you) to get the 64 bits version.  Kahebe

Try moving it from downloads to applications.

Amazing game dev had alot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Here is the end of year tradition. Wouldn't be the end of the year without it. This one was a bit harder than other years but still great as always. Happy new year... :)

Thanks! :D

I totally agree! I got so happy when the itch email came in yesterday about this one. I was working and worrying about stuff to get done, and when this message appeared, it was like "oh yes, it's  officially the end of the    year now!" - Thanks Mateusz for another beautiful gift and may you have an awesome 2020 full with ideas and hope! ;)


I was eagerly awaiting the 2020 game, happy to see the tradition go on! Unfortunately it's the second or third New Year's platformer that I rage-quit. 🙈  No New Year 2020 for me, I just cannot. Happy New Year to you though!

Appreciate the warning, Enigel. I gave up recently on one too, for the same reason. Will give 2020 a try, and always love that Mateusz does this for us. But I certainly find I can't complete them all. At least I'm braced for it this year :) .

You guys wil love my next game then. No difficult platforming at all.

I wait for these games every year since 2012, when I was a kid. I love how every year is a different gameplay, but there's still fun and, somehow, cute.

From a big fan of your work. ♡

I realize you are saying that you've been playing them since 2012, but you do realize that this series began in 2009, right? If you haven't played the pre-2012 releases you should check them out. They're all great, and the hilarious "Where Is 2009?" really got the wheels in motion with this fun tradition.

Oh, yes, I do! I played all of them. "Where is 2009?" is one of my favorites btw, it's really funny.