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so cool bro

Where to set "like"?


where is 2023...

Happy New Year, I hope you are doing well.


assuming that you can read this Mateusz….will there BE a Where is 2023??


let's just hope there will be a 2023


Where is 2023?



Sad to see this one doesn't feature a linux version

Deleted 1 year ago

these are not my games. ;)

I love your games

and whose are they??

was it last :(

Keep making these... :) 

Can I ask that you make it possible for future games (or possibly previous ones too) to be playable in browser? For whatever reason, I can't figure out how to open your games on my computer (I always get some error message), and I always loved playing these in my browser as a kid, it was a lot easier to figure out. If not all good just figured I'd ask.

What's your problem? Can you post a screenshot with the error that you get?


oop i got it to work, i didn't see the "move file" thing at the bottom.

Very nice! 😉💪🏻

me liked this game very much

No Linux build this time?

I skipped paying to try the Windows build on Wine, figuring I'd come back and make the donation if it ran, but it didn't work.  If Mateusz puts out a Linux build, I'd be happy to buy it.  The Win build failed at first because I have a quad-head setup and use NVIDIA all around, but it's logically all 64-bit, so it threw an exception (vague and unhelpful) in Wine.  I installed the 32-bit drivers, and this time it just crashed out with no explanation or excuse.  I'll try to strace and/or grind the crash tomorrow, but a Linux build would likely be the better solution than emulation.  Just because I use almost exclusively open source (and am a dev in several of the projects) doesn't mean I'm not happy to pay people for their efforts if it's something like this, which I enjoy every year.

Thank you so much for making these games! I remember playing them when I was a kid and they always made me happy and this one is no different. Enjoy retirement Santa :D

Świetna gra! 50/10! Już nie mogę się doczekać Where is 2023?, 2024? and 2025?.
PS Jak w to grałem to snułem teorię, że III wojna światowa zaczęła się w 2025 roku i była jakaś wojna w 2024 😆

So glad you are continuing with this series!  Please keep it going!

Reminded me of this song 


What country are the photos taken from? Most beautiful gaming environment I saw in a while

Santa is retiring? I guess I'm years late :(

Happy New Year to Everyone :D

What? Santa is retired?(


i played.

what a treat to see a new one! thank you


I feel like I have hope for the future. Thank you for doing these for many years.

the game is not working - saying "unable to find game"

If your Mac says: [Unable to find game!] - move the .app to any folder other than the one it's currently in. 

Thank you!


I dunno if reviews are seen here or not, but in case they aren't I will post a comment here too. Thank you for always providing a neat little game to play in the aftermath of every christmas, and I hope you have a happy new year! ^w^


Done! Thank you, Mateusz and I wish you an Happy New Year!


Finished the game, it is so cool! :D