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Great game! doing speedrun and beat under a minute! (00:53)

Cute and oddly cathardic. Took me back to my childhood searching for elementals and fairies. Thankfully I was more successful as an adult. 

Sound didn't work in Linux via launcher, but still fun.

so hard haahahaaa

its big yet small

Thank you for a very different game that i've ever played keep up the amazing work

Wel... I got news for you :D

Next one a Spanish City, please.

I think Mateusz already took pictures for all the coming games...

Hi, I was wondering if there is ever going to be another submachine  game coming anytime soon, because I think  i heard somewhere that there was going to be another one in mid 2019  and i wanted to know wether or not that was true.

yes, there will be another submachine, but probably a bit later than mid 2019. I'd rather say 2020...

Ok, thanks, I look forward to it! (:

This was pretty fun. A few of them were pretty tricky to find. Could maybe have done with some nice music but it ran well and for anyone looking for a time filler this is a good pick. Good job... :)

A very nice game. For free. Although I missed the classic ambient played. And there is a problem with the time, it seems not to count the frames someone is in for half a second. Meaning that if you stay not exactly for a second or more in a frame, the time does not count it. Anyways, I am thankfull for the game, on to the future! :D

the game still has sound, and the soundtrack as well and time counting doesn't corelate to movement.

Well, my mistake.

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Greetings, Mateusz. I've been following your games for a lot time. And I just wanted to say thanks for all these great games like Submachine, Daymare Town and 10 Gnomes, I've really enjoyed them. Hope you keep up the great work :)

I'm definitely downloading this.


Thanks! Hold on for the Big Game. :D

which one??

the one I'm making since 2017 that will be published on steam next year. ;)