A downloadable gnomes for Windows and macOS

Visit Trstenik, Croatia and find 10 gnomes hidden around the location.

 Find clickable areas, navigate through the locations and zoom into every nook and cranny to find those little bastards.

Published Jul 26, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorMateusz Skutnik
Tags10gnomes, gnomes, hidden, object

Install instructions


single runtime exe, so just download, unzip and open. Keep the exe file in the same folder as data.win as it holds important, uhm... game data. :D


unzip and run .app. In case of problems on OSX Sierra, move the .app from Downloads to Applications. That usually helps.


10_gnomes_in_trstenik_pc.zip 135 MB
10_gnomes_in_trstenik_mac.zip 136 MB


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Glad to see a croatian developer make a game about Croatia :)

If only I was croatian... :D

Haha, my bad

Is this still a Flash game? Any chance of a bare .swf file, which could be played on Linux? I have previously been able to extract the .swf from the packaged Mac version and run it in a browser or with the standalone flash player, but there's nothing I can do with an IFF data file.

no, that's not flash.

Ah, I see. In that case I'll see if I can get the Windows executable to run under Wine. Thanks!

I'm having the same problem on my Mac (i.e. game damaged and should be sent to trash).  I'm on El Cap and already tried moving it from Downloads to Applications.

New version, hopefully fixed is uploaded. Please download again and let me know if it works.

I just tried the new version, moved it to Applications, and I'm getting the same message.

I think I finally was able to fix it.

Would appreciate if you'd download again and try it out.

I can't seem to open the game, although my preferences are to always allow games from all developers. I had this trouble in the past, but can't remember where the answer was. Looking forward to playing it!

Move it from Downloads to Applications. 

I tried that earlier, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm on Yosemite.

New version, hopefully fixed is uploaded. Please download again and let me know if it works.

My computer gives me the same error message as before, even after placing the game in the Applications folder.

can you try again? Today I uploaded new version, hopefully fixed...