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You have to find titular 10 gnomes as you search the location by navigating between photographs. Look in every nook and cranny as those little fellas tend to be quite shy really.

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AuthorMateusz Skutnik
Tags10gnomes, gnomes, hidden, object


10_gnomes_in_trstenik_pc.zip 135 MB

Install instructions

No installation needed, it's a standalone game. Just download and unpack it.


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I'm from Spain, and I wonder if you could make 10 Gnomes in Madrid or 10 Gnomes in Barcelona. (Choose only one).

I could, given I travel to those cities. :D

What Camera have you?

Nikon D3100

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Glad to see a croatian developer make a game about Croatia :)

If only I was croatian... :D

Haha, my bad

Is this still a Flash game? Any chance of a bare .swf file, which could be played on Linux? I have previously been able to extract the .swf from the packaged Mac version and run it in a browser or with the standalone flash player, but there's nothing I can do with an IFF data file.

no, that's not flash.

Ah, I see. In that case I'll see if I can get the Windows executable to run under Wine. Thanks!

Linux version available as of today. ;)

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Edit: I successfully ran the game in Ubuntu 17.10.

There is a bug which is triggered when the game is run on a screen with multiple monitors, at least in my window manager (Fluxbox) and with my monitor layout (where the primary monitor on which the game is fullscreened is an external monitor larger than the laptop screen). The screen geometry is not calculated correctly, and the game screen is displayed oddly resized within the fullscreened window. Additionally, the game does not detect the position of the mouse cursor correctly -- everything is offset.

My initial workaround was to disable the external monitor. I then disabled fullscreen before I exited the game, and when I launched it again (with the monitor re-enabled) it remembered the fullscreen preference but the other issues were still present (in the non-fullscreened window). However, after playing around with the window I found that manually resizing the window causes everything to be redrawn correctly, and fixes all the issues. It is then also possible to fullscreen the game on the external monitor correctly.

For any other Linux users encountering the same issue:

1. F11 to exit fullscreen if necessary

2. alt-drag the window until you get to a corner or to the maximise button

3. Resize the window by dragging the corner or maximising. Now everything should be rendered correctly.

4. Now you should be able to resize the window however you like, or fullscreen it again with F11.

You may need to do this every time you launch the game, but you may be able to use the features of your window manager to automatically resize the window for you on launch. That is completely dependent on your environment. For example, in Fluxbox you can choose to remember various window properties, and this allowed me to create a persistent solution.

I'm having the same problem on my Mac (i.e. game damaged and should be sent to trash).  I'm on El Cap and already tried moving it from Downloads to Applications.

New version, hopefully fixed is uploaded. Please download again and let me know if it works.

I just tried the new version, moved it to Applications, and I'm getting the same message.

I think I finally was able to fix it.

Would appreciate if you'd download again and try it out.

I can't seem to open the game, although my preferences are to always allow games from all developers. I had this trouble in the past, but can't remember where the answer was. Looking forward to playing it!

Move it from Downloads to Applications. 

I tried that earlier, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm on Yosemite.

New version, hopefully fixed is uploaded. Please download again and let me know if it works.

My computer gives me the same error message as before, even after placing the game in the Applications folder.

can you try again? Today I uploaded new version, hopefully fixed...