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"Daymare Cat is a gorgeously sketched exploratory platformer that feels like a simple adventure game. The platforming here isn’t particularly challenging, but almost every hand-drawn scene is worth witnessing." - said some by now non-existent indie game review website in 2013.


The main character of this game is Cat Jahnke, and I'm not talking about the in-game little girl, but the singer and songwriter, who created the song that this game is all about. This is the reason why this particular game stands out in my catalogue of games. Hats off to you, Cat. Let's just hope that you're right in the song, and things will finally get better. 


Meanwhile, it's 2023. How is it possible that it's been 10 years already... Daymare Cat is the ancestor of Slice of Sea, one could even say that it was the foundation of Seaweed's game. Cat is the OG. 


This game needed some major upgrading, since its release my gamedev art direction and workflow changed drastically.  Things that are new in this Anniversary Edition:

- The game is in glorious 60 fps and plays in full screen.

- Most noticeably the game has new background texture. This might be a bit controversial take, but in my opinion this improves the vibe.

- Interactive items have a color. Yes. A color.

- Cat now runs like a ballerina, not a raptor. Thank god.

- Platforming is a bit easier thanks to hitbox tweaking but also by redrawing platforms in few places, for reference check the main gate.

- I added a new pathway for you in case you have a fear of being eaten alive by a cosmic horror monster and really don't want to do this part. So now you can go around it.

- No changes were done to the music, since it's already perfection.


Enjoy and let me know your thoughts about changes made!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorMateusz Skutnik
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Hand-drawn


Daymare Cat PC 15 MB

Install instructions

No installation needed, it's a standalone .exe file. Just download and unpack it.

If your Windows tells you it's unsafe - laugh in its face.


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Bom gostei de toda dinâmica  do jogo bastante legal rápido e um pouco divertido  ksksk demorei  para entender as coisas 

i love it sm

Very good one.

Im not sure if I could find your game if it was not in the main page of the site but Im really glad it did appear there because I dont want to miss this awesome game ..  really great work!!!

The hand-drawn art was very nice and the beautiful music when played on the record was a piece that truly completed the game.

It was a lot of fun, nya~!

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this game so great


Nostalgia overload!

Oh wow, fun to see this game again! I still have 'Better' kicking around in my music folder all these years later.

this game was absolutely a treat!!! the music was amazing, the style is cozy, and the puzzles are fun (: thank you for such a great experience.

The art is nice, but I only saw a method for getting one of the five music disks.

I'm constantly amazed by the creativity and originality of this game.

This song is absolutely amazing and I hope to see more games like this <3

I really liked the game, recommended it to my sister!
The music was fire!!

also, omg, those vocals gave me ***ing chills

RIP flash


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Great game! I really enjoyed the artwork and got really surprised by the music as well. Great job, incredible art! Please don't stop making these kind of games, your work is amazing.

i love daymare town and squirrel family games, i remember playing them a long time ago. Great to hear you're still making games (that are also good)

Very cute and beautiful game! <3

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I haven't played any of your games except the Submachine games back when Sub9 came out and Slice of sea recently, but you art is as captivating as always so I might as well give it a try. 

Is there any way to play your other games now that flash is dead? I remember one about a woman, who was a detective perhaps?

covert front - it's also here, on itch.io. find it on my profile.

If you fall do you start all the way back at the beginning? I hate when that happens.


no, I'm not a monster.

This game was my childhood. I don't want to think about how its 10 years old!

Thanks for the release, looking forward to it!

Love it! Especially with the movement update. Now Cat can dance oh so gracefully when I pop in a record.