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This is an anthology of 46 short stories written by Nikodem Skrodzki with world design and art by Mateusz Skutnik. Over 200 black and white pages. Created way back in 1997-2001. So basically previous century. Does this mean this is a historical document? Yes, yes it does. :D


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AuthorMateusz Skutnik


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IDK how you find the TIME for everything you do.  That’s always amazed me.


I love your work! I'm an art student and I constantly use your works as inspiration, thank you for the free access!


Trying to describe Daymare Morphs or really Daymare in general, to some degree: Defeats the purpose of the work.

Its meant to be experienced, read, and considered. Not so much summarized. But if I were try attempt to do so:

Imagine a mix of surrealist horror, beautiful ink-work, and Aesop's Fables. Short, loosely connected short stories that all share the same universe, and occasionally the same characters. Existentialism and what it means to be human, or even simply what it means to exist, and other such questions are part and parcel of the work. 

All of it grounded with some tongue in cheek humor, and the occasional bit of graphic violence, added to their end as one might find a period at the end of a sentence. 

If you like to explore nightmares: You've found the right book.