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Not bad but it just screams "DR. SUESS!"

Cool game! Didn't think I was gonna be able to escape from Jig but I finally beat it. I had 1 or 2 items in my inventory that I felt I either didn't use or should have been thrown away after use but maybe I just missed their purpose. Really cool game though.


Really great execution and I LOVE the art. I'm sorry I sucked so badly I wasn't able to progress further on stream. Though I am getting closer and closer to beating it since I first played it lol. Here's a link to my playthrough

Do you have a youtube video of your playthrough? The twitch one has been deleted.

I don't I'm sorry... Not yet at least :/


love the art, its amazing. Tho, the items and their uses isn't very intuitive

Took me awhile but i manage to escape YEA! really love the art work and idea, great work good job. 

it's available the mac version?

If you go to, you will find the game's page has downloadable Mac version listed.  I couldn't get it to open on my Mac OS Mojave version 10.14, but maybe you can on your Mac. IF NOT, just click the large yellow PLAY bar seen the Jayisgames page, allow Flash plugin to operate if it asks you, and you're off! I am playing it directly from the website that way right at this moment. Hope this helps you...


m e m e s    a r e    b e t t e r

This was really cool. i wish it was longer and that the story would be explained and all that, but i still had a good time playing it. The art was great, it was challenging without being unfair, the music and sounds were good and worked well with the atmosphere of the game, and it was visually very interesting. overall a great point-n-click, very enjoyable. i hope to play more of your games in the future.


Very hard escape room with a bunch of different objects and, lots of things to try to use them on. The biggest question is what is the yellow stuff?!!

I'd suggest not stretching the image to fill entire frame.

Matuesz, I just want to say that I've loved your work for a long time. I'm incredibly happy a new game of your's has come out. I'm super excited for your future projects, and I hope you keep up the good work! 

I couldn't open the game on Mac.

If you run into any problems while opening this game
download app
and open this game through app.

So this is a download version with gamemaker but what happened to your game from other website. (For example newgrounds, kongregate, etc) ?

No, this is still flash.  It's an older game.

Btw, Newgrounds and Kongrgate don't accept downloadable games (ie created in game maker).