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I have the exe files now and I can play the games but it doesn't save my progress if I close the flash player window. Is there a way to save progress

I just followed your example and found the same thing. Weird thing is: This collection doesn't save, but the original HD versions I bought way back when DO save progress. I know it's down to the Flash cookies on that end, but makes me wonder how this collection works.

Any idea if there is something I can do to the files to make them save?

I emailed Mateusz himself and he gave me these instructions:
" right click on the game [as in on the game window after launching], go to settings and find local storage there. enable some, 1 Mb is more than enough. exit, restart the game, should work." 

(brackets are additional context)

I tested it myself, it works.


Hello Mr. Skutnik, I'm a long term fan. I know you are working on Submachine Legacy but I want to share an Idea I have for multiplatform compatibility for your current collection.

There is an open source program called Ruffle and it plans to be a replacement for Adobe Flash Player. Not only does it restore Flash on web browsers, but also has stand alone programs for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is incomplete currently, but enough support seems to have been done for your submachine games to work in it, although have not thoroughly tested them.

Maybe you could use that instead to have more compatibility with other Operating Systems?

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Help button text is really good advice for a horror game but also fits the submachine games well due to how desolate they are. Played the flash games recently and decided to buy the entire collection as it was on sale, to support the dev.

Dear Skutnik, will this game be available on Mac in the near future?


No, Mac does not allow such files to be opened on their OS.


Aw bugger, such is life. Thanks for answering.

If you can get the Flash movie files (.SWF) then you can run them through the old Standalone Flash Player, which has been archived in a few places and still runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS (on 64-bit Intel CPUs, or through Rosetta II). Here's one archive, but there are also several others on

If you have issues with it complaining about Standalone Flash Player being from an "Unidentified Developer" then you'll have to look up how to turn off that requirement for your version of macOS.

About how to get .SWF files:

EXE distributions of Flash games are just wrappers around .SWF files. You might be able to extract the SWF file with a tool. Here's a very simple tool that should work on macOS: You have to run it through Terminal—there are instructions on that page.

If you don't have any luck with that method, you could try politely asking if the developer is willing to provide the original .SWF files as an alternative download. This would allow people to easily play the old games in their original forms for years to come. I'm really happy to see that Submachine Legacy is nearly here, but I'll always want an archive of old versions of the games. I still love the original free low-resolution Submachine 4 for the iconic obnoxious teleporter, complete with the Star Wars lightsabre sound effects and bright flashing light. Captivated me once upon a time.

one of the greatest video game series i've ever played.

Came here as soon as I saw Submachine being available over here. Longtime follower of the series, can't wait for the rerelease on Steam! Buying this immediately! Thanks for your work, Skutnik.

Any update on Submachine Universe? I am so curious of the coordinates 666 and wish there was more to explore.

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This is easily one of my all-time favourite game series!

Bientôt sur STEAM ?

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liked this game and i love your work thanks for beautiful games and art Mateusz sir.  i have one question in my mind that the game "slice of sea" is a master piece and i  love the music and game so much  sir. but i am still wondering how we solve the last puzzle this is so tough enigma for me any clue sir. thank you


this is not a puzzle. You're in a bigger world than just this game, some things are just there as flavor.

ok thank you sir.


This game might be a bit old but I had a lot of fun.


Submachine Collection

All submachine games here


Submachine 1 : the Basement

Submachine 2 : the Lighthouse

Submachine 3 : the Loop

Submachine 4 : the Lab

Submachine 5 : the Root

Submachine 6 : the Edge

Submachine 7: the Core

Submachine 8 : the Plan

Submachine 9 : the Temple

Submachine 10 : the Exit

Submachine Zero : the Ancient Adventure

Submachine : 32 chambers

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation


Oh man, I'm so glad this exists! Your Submachine games had a profound effect on me and my sense of atmosphere as a teenager and I'm really happy to see that you and it are still around.

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You really should translate it to polish. I'm disappointed since I first played this game on flash, that i can't play polish game in polish language. But anyway, great game, I will think about buying it. (sadly flash died...). Now I'm playing Submachine Universe becouse I didn't buy the full version yet, and it works.

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you can still play flash games but it is just harder

Just bought this game because of how much i loved the Flash series so much. Excited to start playing!


I have a question, if I buy this will I be able to play them still after Abode Flash Player dies in December 2020? To my understanding they were made in Flash Player, or not these retouched ones? I'm gonna be so sad if I'll never be able to play Submachine again.. 

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Not sure. I think it'll work, as it contains standalone flash player.


Thank you so much for your reply, I think I will wait to buy the remastered version on Steam then. Your games are amazing! 

Will the Steam versions work on a Mac? :)


I don't care. I just rebought the games again (my win10 broke down and took them all with itself) and started enjoying myself. Ruffle or Flash player by Adobe will allow me to play the downloaded games after 2020. But I do need a steam key from you, Mr. Skutnik, after you figure out the remastered piece :) Fingers crossed.

no problemo. Hit me up once it's all on Steam.

That's very nice of you! Thank you!:)

Will this game be available for Mac? I'd love to purchase it but I only have a Mac. I've already played the free online versions so I know about those :) 

No, Apple blocks such applications (.app created by flash, not code-signed and not notarized).

Dang. Thanks anyway. I can still play the free online versions so I'll be fine :) A shame though! I love your work and would love to play in full resolution! :)


this man Markiplier is unbearable !!! the game looks great


You might be right. I'll change that trailer to something else.

Whats supposed to happen at the end of 32 ?  I filled the ring with all the gem slivers.  Is that the end of it?  rotated the rings correctly.  No end game at that point. Retraced everything and dont think I missed anything.


did you rotate a face? it should to be rotate.

I am a bit confused. I can see that the client downloaded all the applications, but when I launch it through the client it only starts Submachine 0.  Am I missing something, or is this collection just not compatible with

The collection is compatible with itch, but to get them all you need to install them separately thru the itch install menu

hope this helps :)

What's a game's name?

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Dear Mateusz. What's about "I have submachine in HD but is 0 FLF 32 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9"? What I can do? (From 2014)


Where is 596 in Submachine 4?

Maybe buy Submachine 10 HD seperate? Or send him a direct messige? 

sub4 HD removed the Annex which is why there is also 1 less secret ite

Quite pricey would love to see some video game play.  Just not enough information to buy and commit 25.00 to.


You can play non-retouched versions of the entire series online here, or try Submachine Universe to get a feel for it.



I said to myself I would wait untill the Legacy, but I could not wait anymore. I have to say that from my 7 year old self to my 15 year old self, I had a blast playing the games. Chears!


Ahh, this series takes me back