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- [release: 6/2010] - [final story update: 12/2017] - [latest build: June 2023] -

Submachine Universe is probably the first ever MSO (massively singleplayer online) created in 2010, extended ever since. You can freely travel between different locations, read theories about Submachine and observe how things work inside this network. There are locations that you might recognize from previous games, there's a lot of new yet undiscovered content, there are even locations that you think you know, but they're somehow different. Surely worth a look. The best part - it's an open project, which means I can add more locations later on and it will all work together smoothly. So, tinfoil hats on and start exploring if you dare, because there are some dark places inside.

[meanwhile, seven years later...]

In January of 2017 this project stopped being "free online" and morphed into "free downloadable", and here we are.

The story of this game was finished in December or 2017, which means it has proper beginning and ending with lots of puzzles in between.

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Submachine Universe is a companion exploration project tied to the Submachine series of point and click flash games:


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(66 total ratings)
AuthorMateusz Skutnik
Tagsescape, Point & Click, secrets, skutnik, submachine
Average sessionA few hours


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i really really wish i could play it on my mac. i love all of your point and click games so much that i actually almost cried when i found out i couldnt play anything else

you can play almost entirety of it in Submachine: Legacy. it's for PC, but there are ways to play it on a mac.  check out this app:


I was really craving some submachine and woah legacy comes out in 12 hours… Hype!


I've been playing Submachine games since my childhood, thank you very much for the fantastic atmosphere and worldbuilding.

A real addiction for all Submachines. I would like it again and again. Many thanks to Mateusz. (I also loved Slice Of Sea downloaded on Steam).When will there be a brand new game?


You might call Submachine Legacy a brand new game. It'll be released this year.

my game doesnt have a note :(


the note you used to be able to find on the first screen floor?

the one you were able to type in? Removed it a while ago.

Bring your own pen and paper for the sake of max immersion. :D

thanks for the update

I brought the note back, as it turns out it was a fan favourite inventory item. ;)

Thank you :)


I need help, the game dosen't save my progress after Iclose the game. 

Still happy to have some of my dumb meta theories from the old forum in this game, fun to remember those times swapping thoughts with strangers leading up to the release of this as well as Submachine 5, 6 and 7 (I believe, I forget when the forum updated and I eventually dropped off).


hey submachine fans. this is first submachine.

... finally an answer to all my questions... But one question remains: Did we create the Subnet after it created us? (I am not spoiling!)


I'm hoping someone on here can help me! For some reason Submachine Universe will not save my progress. No matter what I've tried, I can't get it to remember my spot when I exit out of the game. How can I fix it so that it will save my game? It's too much to complete in one sitting!


Nevermind, I was able to figure it out based on answers to similar questions down below. Thank you for your help Mateusz! 

For anyone wondering: the solution was to allow unlimited local Flash Storage by right clicking on the main menu of the game, clicking "settings", clicking the folder icon and dragging the indicator all the way to the right to set "unlimited". :)


good job. :D

My man.


please add this game on mobiles . it doesnt need a cursor on phones we can tap.


I loved this series. 

I was excited about the gimmick, style of painting, music, and so on.

I truly appreciate that.


I appreciate your appreciation.


I'd just like to second the request for a Mac version. I was hoping to get it running with Winebottler, but no luck :(  I'd gladly pay extra if it would make a difference!

Also, Mateus, I just want to say absolutely brilliant work, the whole series. It's been a big influence on me for years.

Update: I did get it working with Winebottler, as long as I play it only in the Window view and not Fullscreen mode (otherwise it glitches). Would still be happy to purchase a Mac version to help support your work :) Thanks again for so many great games Mateus!

Again - flash is dying and Apple doesn't want anything to do with it anymore and it's been like this for years. The only chance for this game to appear on a Mac is if I remaster it in Game Maker one day and Apple let's me on their platform, which is also not given.

Flash is the best platform to create this kind of puzzle adventure game with small duration of little cartoons. This is art & technique, not the stupid blast of special effects. Little people realize the efforts put into every frame by an artist like you. And till now there is no other software as efficient as Flash to create this kind of puzzle game. I'm so sad. I'm not sure whether HTML5 vedio will be an option for you. I don't even know whether HTML5 has the same function as Flash.

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don't worry, I'm recreating submachine in Game Maker Studio and it looks even better than in flash. ;)

Glad to know! Can't wait! Happy New Year!

Glad to hear it :) this is one of my favorite games of all time.

could you make it compatible with Chrome OS

Hi, any chance you can help me out to do the same on my mac? What settings do I need to use to execute the .exe file on Catalina using Winebottler?


any chance of making a mac version?


there was a mac version for years. and then apple decided they don't like flash anymore. :D

(I'll remaster this game into something else in game maker studio 2 and put it on steam eventually, so there will be a mac version then).

I can't wait! I really love all your games and would hate to see them die with flash, maybe I'll just have to get a windows computer in the meantime haha

I checked out with several submachine games as a guest years ago but the broken-down of my win10 system made me lost them all. Since win8 will no longer be supported by Microsoft after 2023, I'll switch to Unix then. Can submachine games run on Unix system?

e brasileiro

there is still a black page after i press new game and i haven't touch the sub_loc :( 

Deleted 220 days ago

No, I only have version 2.0 which was released days after that.

1.0 was just overwritten with bugfixes as i remember. Old times...

Deleted 199 days ago

No, I keep it only for archiving purposes on my drives.


also also, will the Submachine games released on Steam cost money?


also, do you think you'll release Extended Edition versions of the existing ones?


Hello Mateusz, just wondering when you think you'll release other submachine games. I mean ones like The Engine and The Explorers.

I love this game, but recently I haven't been able to play it. I open the game, press 'Continue', and all I get is a black screen. I'm not sure why this is happening. I tried deleting and reinstalling the game, but it keeps doing the same thing. I don't know what to do

you probably need to delete local storage of the flash player. this will erase the save, but make the game playable again.

The datastore is broken and the game won't save. Can you fix that please?

Do you have local storage enbabled for the flash player? 

The window size of the game made me think: since the game is presented in a vertical frame instead of a horizontal frame, I feel like it would be a good idea to port this game to mobile platforms.


there's no cursor on mobile. this is a critical design flaw when porting. 

(2 edits) (+3)

Anybody knows where the new save file location is located at? It's not inside the submachine folder, I've checked that. It must be somewhere else probably related with Adobe Flash Player maybe in %appdata% but haven't found it so far, anybody knows?

Nvm, I've found it

It's in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\FlashPlayer#SharedObjects\Random numbers or letters\localhost

then in localhost it should be there

Basically, you don't have to keep submachine at the same location, but you have to modify the save file incase you do change it, the best way to do this is to take the submachine folder, copy it and then go to appdata and copy paste the old save file into the new created folder, you then can delete the other folders.


I've finally got a PC I can play this on, but when I try to download it, it only downloads an empty zip file and a zip part file, neither of which can be run as a game. the zip file says there has to be something in it to unpack it. What is going wrong?


*For mac/OSX*
- couldn't load .swf file in chrome/safari, it would just download (copying) the file
- couldn't embed the .swf file in an .html file: whether or not I used the full pathname, or just the filename, putting the .html file in the same folder as the .swf... Chome would give me a flash error, "It may have been moved or deleted.", and safari would load a blank page.

Solution for me was to download Adobe's Flash Player Projector (for mac), available here:

and load the .swf file using that.

Here is the direct link:


It is strange because, for me,  I take the file and put it on a window of safari  , then I keep it in the favorites.

I play it without problem, and when I want to quit (to keep the position) I go to the menu and then I can go to another page of the web or quit safari.

When I come back to the game a day after I click the favorite submachine, and I retrieve the last position.

But your solution must also be ok... ;)

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For mac players!

You can play it via your Web Browser.

Download the pc file and put the swf file in the adress of your browser.

Then you can play it! It works fine and with the save position....you will be able to continue it at every time

Sorry for my bad English

What browser were you using?



I'm so in love with your game and your art. Especially cover front and submachine. When I played your game it was cover front 1. I have been playing your game since 2008 and Please keep doing your art. I'm looking forward to it.

Pleeeeesz explain what happened that Submachine and Daymare are no longer available for Mac!!!


Will the mac version come back?


Hello. What happend with the MAC version of the game?

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Is it possible to play this game on a Mac computer? The last time I checked, the game was available for both Windows and MacOS, but now it's only for Windows. Could someone possibly help me?

It does not look like there is any change. I am on linux. I will try to get the game running with wine. maybe that will work for you too.

I knew, You'd agree it.


Can't seem to get it to save progress at all. I am running the game through itch.io's app, I have changed Flash settings to allow unlimited storage, but every time I restart the game it's back at the beginning and the Flash storage permission has been reverted to 0.


I'm having the same issue.

Hello there, I'm really enjoying the game, but I have an issue with it.

It seems to stop recording data after a certain point. When I come back to the game it brings me back to a certain point, resulting in all my progress lost afterwards. Is there anything that can be done about this?

enable more storage in your flash security settings. (right click on the game and click global settings).

Worked like a charm, thanks!

(P.S. - I found it in normal settings, not Global)

Deleted 4 years ago

Hi, I tried the same but the flash player settings can't be saved . When I open the game again the settings are set on 0 kb of storage.


Same here.



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Very impolite that you do not spell his name correctly... 


Hello, I have a question. Is there any way to play older version of Submachine Universe, like Submachine Exploration Project?

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Anyone who watches Doctor Who?
Because there is an episode of doctor who where ... actually spoiler, so I will only tell it's season 9 episode 11.

It reminded me of submachine- (atmosphere).
Steins;Gate is another anime that is based on another time travell novel :D.
Imagine: that an infinite amount of time is to be compressed into a single moment - a second of infinite time. That time that passes between 0 and 1 second meassures an eternity (how many numbers were between 0 and 1?). It seems short - to us-
but it only seems - because we move so fast  that we even conquer infinities of times. Time is short to us . Not time passes- we move trough it. Every movement has a direction. We call that direction: Time. and it's not linear. As Submachine travels through space- I think you have something to do mateusz - what about time? A time loop-


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