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any chance of making a mac version?


there was a mac version for years. and then apple decided they don't like flash anymore. :D

(I'll remaster this game into something else in game maker studio 2 and put it on steam eventually, so there will be a mac version then).

I can't wait! I really love all your games and would hate to see them die with flash, maybe I'll just have to get a windows computer in the meantime haha

e brasileiro

there is still a black page after i press new game and i haven't touch the sub_loc :( 

Do you have a copy of the 1st version of Submachine Universe (version 1.0), that was released on June 8, 2010?

No, I only have version 2.0 which was released days after that.

1.0 was just overwritten with bugfixes as i remember. Old times...

Is there a download link for version 2.0 (released on June 15, 2010)?

No, I keep it only for archiving purposes on my drives.


Hey, Mateusz. Will there be a Submachine Universe version 4.5.5? And also, will the Submachine games released on Steam be free with no cost of money?


also also, will the Submachine games released on Steam cost money?


also, do you think you'll release Extended Edition versions of the existing ones?


Hello Mateusz, just wondering when you think you'll release other submachine games. I mean ones like The Engine and The Explorers.

I love this game, but recently I haven't been able to play it. I open the game, press 'Continue', and all I get is a black screen. I'm not sure why this is happening. I tried deleting and reinstalling the game, but it keeps doing the same thing. I don't know what to do

you probably need to delete local storage of the flash player. this will erase the save, but make the game playable again.

The datastore is broken and the game won't save. Can you fix that please?

Do you have local storage enbabled for the flash player? 

The window size of the game made me think: since the game is presented in a vertical frame instead of a horizontal frame, I feel like it would be a good idea to port this game to mobile platforms.


there's no cursor on mobile. this is a critical design flaw when porting. 

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Anybody knows where the new save file location is located at? It's not inside the submachine folder, I've checked that. It must be somewhere else probably related with Adobe Flash Player maybe in %appdata% but haven't found it so far, anybody knows?

Nvm, I've found it

It's in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\FlashPlayer#SharedObjects\Random numbers or letters\localhost

then in localhost it should be there

Basically, you don't have to keep submachine at the same location, but you have to modify the save file incase you do change it, the best way to do this is to take the submachine folder, copy it and then go to appdata and copy paste the old save file into the new created folder, you then can delete the other folders.


I've finally got a PC I can play this on, but when I try to download it, it only downloads an empty zip file and a zip part file, neither of which can be run as a game. the zip file says there has to be something in it to unpack it. What is going wrong?


*For mac/OSX*
- couldn't load .swf file in chrome/safari, it would just download (copying) the file
- couldn't embed the .swf file in an .html file: whether or not I used the full pathname, or just the filename, putting the .html file in the same folder as the .swf... Chome would give me a flash error, "It may have been moved or deleted.", and safari would load a blank page.

Solution for me was to download Adobe's Flash Player Projector (for mac), available here:

and load the .swf file using that.

Here is the direct link:

It is strange because, for me,  I take the file and put it on a window of safari  , then I keep it in the favorites.

I play it without problem, and when I want to quit (to keep the position) I go to the menu and then I can go to another page of the web or quit safari.

When I come back to the game a day after I click the favorite submachine, and I retrieve the last position.

But your solution must also be ok... ;)

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For mac players!

You can play it via your Web Browser.

Download the pc file and put the swf file in the adress of your browser.

Then you can play it! It works fine and with the save will be able to continue it at every time

Sorry for my bad English

What browser were you using?



I'm so in love with your game and your art. Especially cover front and submachine. When I played your game it was cover front 1. I have been playing your game since 2008 and Please keep doing your art. I'm looking forward to it.

Pleeeeesz explain what happened that Submachine and Daymare are no longer available for Mac!!!


Will the mac version come back?


Hello. What happend with the MAC version of the game?

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Is it possible to play this game on a Mac computer? The last time I checked, the game was available for both Windows and MacOS, but now it's only for Windows. Could someone possibly help me?

It does not look like there is any change. I am on linux. I will try to get the game running with wine. maybe that will work for you too.

I knew, You'd agree it.


Can't seem to get it to save progress at all. I am running the game through's app, I have changed Flash settings to allow unlimited storage, but every time I restart the game it's back at the beginning and the Flash storage permission has been reverted to 0.


I'm having the same issue.

Hello there, I'm really enjoying the game, but I have an issue with it.

It seems to stop recording data after a certain point. When I come back to the game it brings me back to a certain point, resulting in all my progress lost afterwards. Is there anything that can be done about this?

enable more storage in your flash security settings. (right click on the game and click global settings).

Worked like a charm, thanks!

(P.S. - I found it in normal settings, not Global)

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi, I tried the same but the flash player settings can't be saved . When I open the game again the settings are set on 0 kb of storage.

Same here.



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Very impolite that you do not spell his name correctly... 


Hello, I have a question. Is there any way to play older version of Submachine Universe, like Submachine Exploration Project?

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Anyone who watches Doctor Who?
Because there is an episode of doctor who where ... actually spoiler, so I will only tell it's season 9 episode 11.

It reminded me of submachine- (atmosphere).
Steins;Gate is another anime that is based on another time travell novel :D.
Imagine: that an infinite amount of time is to be compressed into a single moment - a second of infinite time. That time that passes between 0 and 1 second meassures an eternity (how many numbers were between 0 and 1?). It seems short - to us-
but it only seems - because we move so fast  that we even conquer infinities of times. Time is short to us . Not time passes- we move trough it. Every movement has a direction. We call that direction: Time. and it's not linear. As Submachine travels through space- I think you have something to do mateusz - what about time? A time loop-


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You actually look like blackbeard from pirates of the caribbean movie 4. Or rather blackbeard looks like you. - not sure if my eyes deceive me... yarrrr.

I'd say greybeard by now. :D

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Haha ;D sure, we all get older.

... not playable through, error says "no executable found".

Which one of the data is the executable?? subnet_linux.swf does not do anything but loading the app giving me the error mentioned above.

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By amazing coincidence of timing, I am having this issue also. Installed the deb on my Debian 9 desktop, I can download the game, but it won't run. Are there troubleshooting resources for

Edited to add: I did a bit of searching on the error message "reconfiguring because of problem with cave: game.install.no_executables_found". There are a few hits, but so far I haven't found anyone with a solution.

Is the problem that there's no good general SWF player for Linux? That's the problem I came to to solve, so that would be a substantial disappointment.


download without app, unpack and open swf in your browser.


Works in Firefox but not Chrome, weirdly, but yes, that's apparently the answer.

Wonderful content, glad to finally be back in it...


Yeah, I can't wait to port all that to something else that flash...

That'll be the day...





Mateusz... I've finally finished Submachine Universe when I realized that there's an end here too... I've read some words... "It will return again"... I hope that's true. Congratulations, playing this game for 10 years is something special for me :)

Dear Mateusz, i recently bought Submachine 10 and also downloaded Submachine Universe, but somehow the game isnt saving my progress. Everytime i restart the game  i either need to restart from the beginning or when i klick continue it sets me at the start of the game(s). Any clue how i can fix this? Thank you

Leander D

this is connected to your browser settings purging local storage data from flash player settings. (right click on the game to get to them).

The Games work now, thank you

Game development for the win!

actually I have began programming in C# and Unity, it turns out to be quite the fun and I was wondering if we couldn't use both of these programms to turn submachine into a 3D adventure game.

How is the idea Mateusz? Is it ok for you, if I try to make a 3D game out of it? Let me hear your comments :D.



Don't do it.

I will make my own game then-but it will be inspired by all the games that I have played .

just make sure it's your own work, not something created using my graphics or music.

It should be totally different - I am not going to use your graphics or music- I make my own for that.
The only thing I am not sure is how much you care about the story. I mean Submachine is your idea- therefore I can't name my game Submachine. I am just concerned about when I write the story that I have too much of the same. It sounds like a copy to me if I do a game based on another game - but it is still all by me - do you know what I mean? What about the Theories in the Subnet? Do I need a consent from  you or the people who wrote the theories to embed them into my game? A precaution is always that I can write your name and your game in the credits - but that's something that I have to ask you. 


I'd recommend writing something completely new. 

Using theories is totally a grey area where even I do not dare going to. :D

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Here are some things I'd like you to add in the game when you re-upload it with GameMaker:

A location whose map and design are exactly the same as in S1. (Accesible through portal) (Add Karma Portals if you want)

The Ball from FLF, in 859.

A location inspired by Daymare Town.

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I just wanted to mention that somebody who pronouces your name ''skutnik'' it sounds like ''sputnik''. Very similar, you can check that out on wikipedia. Very cool stuff. 
Also this person is doing a let's play of the submachine universe: 

I just thought it might be cool, because he's reading all theories.
Hf exploring the subnet.

How can I suggest a ''new'' theory in the universe? 

You can't. It's a finished project.

I understand

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btw. Mateusz, you are awesome. Even you the creator of the submachine, the game, have to admit - this long project wasn't something you have possibly forseen- unless you are dealing with a karma arm- douh. You couldn't have planned all this, or do you? ... (dum dum dum...)
from the bottom of my heart  thank you for this game.
Submachine... will be continued...

Thanks and no, of course I haven't foreseen or pre-planned this. :D

Most of my creations have no ending yet when I start making them. 

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It feels so surreal talking about a series to end...
When I first started to play the submachines, I was already 11 years old. When I had internet acces I was always looking for point and click games adventures- but there weren't many of them yet...I enjoyed point and click games when I was younger- Physikus- already heard of that game before? - A point and click adventure game dealing with topics in physics.
I love the concept of submachines, the art style, the machines, the complicated  stuff... everything just fitted together eventough it didn't look like they did , somehow it's like a big puzzle -this big game- just a big unsolved puzzle--- it was fun putting the puzzle together but it's sad when you actually finished it- you enjoyed it that much , you know? :D.
Submachine 1 was easy to play- Sub2 was already hard- Sub3 was impossible hard (because I didn't got the coordinates when I was young), 
- after 10 years now being 21- seing that to finish, kinda brakes my heart, but you know...with this series, it gradually gets better with time - my favourite submachines were 2,4,5,7,8,9,10 - because I spent most time playing them.
I also enjoyed covert front very much, eventough it had similarities to submachine- it was more active-
You just managed to catapult the point and click games to another ''layer'' in my opinion (;
I just wanted to say that I really really enjoyed the submachines and that I am looking forward to more point and click games - designed by you. Can you top the submachines? Can you make it even harder, better, more mind blowing?- Who knows?- Maybe after everything we have been through we were able to escape the submachines,...but after several thousands of years what will happen then? The submachine continously evolves - the time will come when the  machines are taking over and become human-  any time heard of the game ''detroit becomes human''- by Quantic Dream before? Funny, ...the protagonist in the story is names... wait for it... ''Kara''! Yes, Kara :D !
It is still being released-but this game is going to become big.

After playing the submachines I realised something...

But wait a minute... Isn't that just... an image on a computer screen?

*Computer shuts of*

there will be more submachines for sure.

only flash is ending, not the game itself.

Actually I have so many questions... do you mind to make a ''ask me'' video - about the submachine in general? I would like to ask several questions :D.
One of them is : have you watched contact (1997)? - because I see some resemblance in the submachine (don't want to spoil it) ... and have you played portal?- of course-,... but maybe SOMA? (recommend) - 

1. no

2. yes

3. yes


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Well.It seemed the game is still updated. I'd like to buy HD version of sub10 but now I have trouble to use Paypal. Is there any other payment method?

Dear Mateusz Skutnik,

May I play this game online? My computer has the storage space of an Atari-a Commodore from just Microsoft Office. And now it is asking for a 6 GB update. So I can't even download either the Algodoo-Phun app, the Lego Digital Designer or even the Roblox player without serious lag. Please let this be available online to play.




But you do realise, that if it's online, those files would also have to be downloaded onto your disc, right? 

only into your internet cache.

So you might as well download it here. And maybe put in on a memory stick, will work that way as well.

32 d (LH) ---> 32y (LAB) , oh wow 1 day in layer one equals 1 year in another, what theory was it again... time dilation, moving, shifting layers?

you know the game is good, when the first thing you grab is a hammer...

but wtf man, who put's naphthalene in a pocket of a lab coat, shame on him- murtaugh has to go chemistry class, no safety glasses either... pfff

always turn of the gas handle when you are leaving,

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