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Can I transport the save files with me?

I made an account just to add a comment here,

How do updates work?

I love your games so much, i recommend them to anyone who says they like online puzzle games, so I want to update this at every update.

Will i have to redownload the game entirely every time?


and keep it in the same location as the previous one in order for the save file to work.

I downloaded the PC version, I open it and click new game, and all I get is a black screen. I don't know what to do, I really want to play it. 

make sure the sub_loc folder is in the same location as the .exe. They both come in the same .zip.

Yeah, both are there, but it still isn't working. Also I am so happy you responded to me, I've been playing your games for years, and you make my favorite point and click games. The stories are always so interesting.

I may have found a froblem, actually, two problems:

So in the root (552)'s online version, the lamps are lit up, and the "secret" part behind the lab portal should have a karma portal leading to "pbu", but that doesn't happen in the downladable bersion.

Tha other problem is in the Resin room (cat), for some reason, I can only access 3 of the 11 screens in it, making it impossible to reach "ael".

I haven't played 4.5.1 yet, but I hope you fix these soon!

in 552 you need to activate that pedestal. with something.

in cat, you also have to activate the door with something.

not saying more because <spoilers> 


So why not have an online version as well as a downloadable version? Have the online version and give the option to download the version to a computer, make them both attached so when the online version is updated, the downloadable version is updated at the same time. It would just be easier for people who don't want to continually download something over and over and over again. Just a thought, Mat.

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I downloaded the Mac version and was wondering if I was just stuck or if there really is only ~45 locations. I noticed several things that were different than the last time I played this (back when it was on your website) but wasn't sure if this was the most updated version. I'm probably just being paranoid though, I easily could have missed something. (Edit, yes I was paranoid)

I had just updated  and I went to 629 via a lab portal and pressed the red button to go to 628 and all I got was a black screen? After resetting my save (All those precious hours, lost!), when I went back to 629 by the same method and pressed the button again, I was placed in front of the portal of 628. However, when I go to 628 first and press the button there, I can switch to 629 and back without landing in front of 628's portal. I know the the black screen thing is a bug, but how much of the second thing is intended?

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I'll look into this.


Ok, I fixed it, thanks for bringing it up to my attention!

another question: in submachine 10 what can i do with the spoon and the four stone cubes ?

Go to the Portal and click  1 0 0.
At the bottom of the tower, go right 3 screens and into Storage Unit 33/2. Assuming you have all 4 Loop Stabilisers in order to enter Level X, scroll through the rooms until you find a gray 5x5 grid, which has the corner squares.....missing.
OK Osmking, that should be enough info for you to meet your goal. If not, I also teach Remedial Classes (haha) in solving the countless puzzles in the SubVerse, if you ever need any help in the future. I enjoy helping others who are stumped, so don't hesitate to contact me.
SDRanger (Profile also found on Submachine Wiki)

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Set the Spoon on top of the padded pedestal in the
bottom right - most room in H E L L L L

(You'll get nifty surprise reward!)

   Another quick note regarding the puzzle-question you asked Mateusz directly, here, (and I don't mean for this to sound condescending, so please don't take it that way...I am just giving you a tip, from a little bit of my own personal experience over the past 10+ years, and from years of my constant observations.)  I can guarantee you, and bet money that I will never have, that Mateusz won't be answering any questions with the nature of: "Where do I find all 5 of the Vector Finders in Sub 10: The Exit?"  Once you get to "know" the guy, meaning, once you become more aware of the colossal amount of projects that he manages to constantly pull off simultaneously....(and 99.5% flawlessly, to boot!) you'll understand better that he simply doesn't have the spare time to help everyone who gets stuck on a puzzle. (There are countless thousands of us who do at times, too!)
   Further, when he hasn't answered questions of this nature for you in the past, don't take it personally! He's not being rude. He is seriously one of the coolest, most down-to-Earth artist/writer/gaming developers that you'll ever know, and he still takes the time to listen to his countless followers, our suggestions for his future projects (when he asks us, a few times a year.)  And he still understands that most people can't afford $39.95 for one freaking video game! He hasn't "let any of it go to his head", even after his constantly increasing popularity, his many awards, etc.
Like I said in my other reply though...I'm here to help whenever you get stumped. I have plenty of free time, as I am nowhere near as talented as Mateusz. haha
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Hey, i just want to know what's the time you take between updates, thanks.

depends on complexity of locations.

So - hard to tell really...

Holy crap, I remember playing this in browser games forever ago! Surely its older than 7 years right?

You might have played one of the older Submachine games; the first was released in 2005.

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Game contents unable to load: I am using iSwiff on OS X Sierra, and I put swf file and sub_loc folder in the same folder. The game can open, but when I click "new game", nothing appears but a blank black.

PS. the app file does not work, even if I allow apps from "anywhere" in security setting.

try opening main file swf in your browser.

black screen usualy indicates that sub_loc folder was moved away from the main file (it can't find a location to load).

Seems to me Sierra is still throwing hissy fits concerning security, preventing loading files.

Thanks, browser works. Any idea why iSwiff doesn't work?

Not sure. But there are issues with Sierra and it's gatekeeper. I'm having trouble with that even when using game maker and creating signed and approved apps. :/

This game will receive actualizations brief?

this is tricky. List of changes is a spoiler for the game. :D

Brief gameplay question: is it possible to open the panel in the starting screen in the game's current iteration, or is that something you plan to add later? I also have a bunch of items that seem to be useless, so I was wondering if those might have uses in future updates as well.

it's not functional right now.

And yes, all those things will be useful eventually.

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Are you supposed to be able to save in between sessions? It works if I quit to the menu and then hit "continue", but if I quit the app entirely I lose all my progress. (I'm running Windows 10, if that helps)

There are three possible issues here.
First - the saves are bound to the game file. So if you moved the swf file to another folder, or changed it's name - the saves will reset. Quick fix to reverse this is just to move the file back to the original folder or change the file name to as it was when you first played the game.

If the above is not the case - there's the second issue - in order for the game to save - you need to have local storage enabled in your flash player. Remember, this is still a flash game that requires flash player to function properly. Quick fix is to right click on the game screen, then click on settings and enable local storage option.

Read more about local storage and learn how to fix it on this flash player help page.

If that also doesn't resolve your issue, here goes the third option: certain antivirus software can block the file, since it's an .exe (or .app) and allow it to run as an untrusted software. That can cause the savefiles not to be stored. Make sure the game you bought is on a white list of your antivirus.

I have had the same problems as Temporal Twins

Any help?


there's no problem with zip files, it's all there. :D

He had an issue with his computer it seems.

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What do i open the .swf file with, that would solve it

on what system?

If Mac - iswiff should do.

pc - any swf player you find to your liking, there's a wide range.

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I can but it will only show a black screen when i hit play

The actual executable file does not seem to be included in the archive.

Just checked the files, everything seems to be in order. Which version did you download?

I tried both the Windows and Linux versions, but could not find the .exe or .swf files in the archives.
I thought that maybe my AV caught them but, if so, I neither found it in quarantine or mentioned in the logs.

Hey, wanted to let you know that I tried downloading the archive on another machine, and everything is there.
Seem that it's something with the PC I was using.
Sorry for the bother...

thanks for the heads up! :D