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The tragedy of the situation is that while being one of the most valuable objects in Kaisar's posession, it got stolen in most peculiar circumstances. To the untrained eye it would seem that the Evaluation simply vanished from this layer, ceasing to exist in a split of a second. However, the smell of electricity left in the air after that occurence told another story.

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Published 33 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorMateusz Skutnik
Tagsescape, Point & Click, room-escape

Install instructions

PC - unpack and run exe file (remember to keep data.win file in the same folder).

MAC - unpack and run app. <<! IMPORTANT !>> On Mac, (especially on osX Sierra) there's a chance that your system will not want to open the file. (It'll say "Unable to find game"). Solution to this is to move the app from Downloads to Applications.


the_crecy_evaluation_pc.zip 39 MB
the_crecy_evaluation_mac.zip 41 MB


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I cant figure out how to download and or open it at all!  


Very cool, was a bit lost on the center electric point. But I found the hidden piece under the floor. Very nice, enjoyed it a lot.

What's with the portrait?

what do you mean?

Of the Kaiser. I didn't use it anywhere as far as I can remember. Is it a red herring?

Muy bueno! ¿Puede que exista algún tipo de influencia de Lynch y Twin Peaks? Me encantan todos tus juegos. 

Saludos desde Argentina :) 

Awesome as usual.

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Hey Mat,I have a friend who run this game and display a"Not a valid win32 application"window. (He use Windows XP)

This game only support for 64 application?

I don't think GM supports XP.

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I can't seem to play the game, It shows "Unable to find game!!:" and it instantly closes.

I'm using the Mac version

Ah the problem has been resolved. It seemed to be a Gamemaker issue, the way i fixed it? well... i just moved it to a different folder...

thanks for the follow up.

It seems Sierra has problems with game maker when it's in the Downloads folder...

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I'm having the same problem - it's the same one I've had with your last 3 games on the Mac, Mateusz- 'Unable to find game'. It's really frustrating. I've moved them into all kinds of different folders, even onto a Backup HD, but it's the same problem every time. I'm on High Sierra, latest version and have the System Prefs set to  'Allow Apps' from any developer. Is there no other way round it, something in the coding?

No. that's on the SIerra side.

All my apps are now licensed and signed by apple developer (me). They should work, but Sierra just won't have it.

Not sure if this helps, but I've found a workaround for Sierra. If you open the app's resources folder (/[path to folder containing game]/the\ Peter\ Navarre\ Crecy\ Evaluation.app/Contents/Resources/) and copy everything in that folder to the app's support folder in your user library (/Users/[your username]/Application\ Support/com.mateuszskutnik.crecy/) and then run the game via the Terminal app (Utilities folder) using the command "/[path to folder containing game]/the\ Peter\ Navarre\ Crecy\ Evaluation.app/Contents/MacOS/Mac_Runner", it works perfectly, minus some temporary glitching with full screen.

Great game by the way! Well done as always!

Finally got it to work by dropping it onto my Backup Leopard partition. Great little game, thanks Mateusz.  Damn Sierra!

I solved this by copying the application (after unzip) into my Applications folder and running it from there.

As usual, it's an immense pleasure to play your game. It's clear that your style has evolved. As for the quality of the game, there is anything to say. As usual everything is fluid, no bug or something like that.
It made a long time that we had seen Kara, hoping to see her again in a new conver front maybe? ;p

That was awesome, can't wait to see what you do next!

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Ok, so the mouse movement is pretty laggy and many of the animations look quite choppy, "un-smooth". I hope you are able to resolve these problems in future games, keep up the great work :D

I'm not experiencing any of those problems- maybe it's a connection issue on your end? 

Neither am I, it ran smoothly on my part.

@DayDun, which version did you run? PC or Mac?

This game is rather simple in terms of CPU usage, and it runs in 60 fps. Should run silky smooth. :D

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Ok seems like the problem is due to the fullscreen mode. The cursor is delayed by a fraction of a second and the animations seem to be running at a slower pace than intended as sound effects are played before the animations are finished (this made the animations look really shit lol, my bad not noticing the problem). All symptoms disappear when out of fullscreen mode and it's running smoothly.

It usually occurs the other way around. Windowed mode tends to slow down games. 

Nevertheless, happy you were able to resolve the situation.

I don't have any of these problems, completed the game fine. It must be your computer?