A downloadable game for Windows

Help Santa find the New Year, it seems that kid got lost somewhere again!

This series of games is basically me thanking all the people who play my games and support my creations each year.

So it's more of a Thank You card, than a full-sized game.

It's a long standing end-of-year tradition by this point.

Please don't hold it's shortness against it.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorMateusz Skutnik
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
MentionsWelcome to 2018, now play some beautiful...


where_is_2018_pc.zip 25 MB

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No installation needed, it's a standalone game. Just download and unpack it.

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Pamiętam gdy grałem w where is 2009 :) . Niedawno przypomniałem sobie o tej serii gier, pobrałem WI2018 i jestem pod wrażeniem jak daleko zaszła ta seria gier.

dzięki. :D

następna naturalnie pod koniec tego roku. :D

If someone reads this, I want to make a review of every Mateusz Skutnik game on Itch, so if it is written a long time ago then it will probably be on every one. Every review has 4 topics, Graphic, Sound, Gameplay and Plot.

The graphics of the game is amazing. Although I do not think the wallpaper with black amazing black lines is something more games should have. It first to it because it is a basicly a card game. As in a free happy new years card. The zeppelin is awesome. The windmills are awesome (means much when a Dutch person says that does it :P) So it is a solid 9/10. Because I believe Mateusz will only get better in the future but it is still near perfection! 

Sound effects are realy cute. Santa snorring is super cute. The (what I beleve to be) happy drums are amazing. The trolls sound effect is always the same and good, but maybe it could use on or 2 more? I am not sure. It is still great and I give it an 9/10

The gameplay is a bit hard. But that is because I fail at platformers because I am a bad gamer. It is super nice when you die you never need to restart and sometimes stay at the same place. So it is perfect there. I give it a 9/10.

The plot is very nice. Santa trowing snow balls everywhere as a hidden superpower (maybe split the snowball and in door walking ability, because sometimes that is anoying) is super cool. I give it a 7,5/10

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hm, I'm confused. the game is quite straight forward, as there is basically only one path and that one is really linear.

the mosre I am confused now that I stand at a locked airship and there is nothing to do.
no place to press E, shooting around doesn't do anything either.

is this the end of the game?
Or did I miss something?

Edit: nevermind me. there's a switch below the ship.

I find this game a touch short and a little bland ,but I still made a video over it so here you go

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I'll have a steam code ready for you, don't you worry.  :D

You can send me te code?

Man! You've improved so much since I first randomly found Submachine 3 all those years ago on a random italian website! Nice to see you're still holding to this tradition, even though I got to this one pretty late. Charming work as always!

This game is way too short. I did not want it to end! The art-style, the clever use of sounds, the complete atmosphere..

Thank you, this is just a kind of end-year card from me to my followers as a thank you note. My main game will be leagues longer, not to worry.

I'm certainly looking forward to that!

Great work man! I loved the hand-drawn style.

really relaxing,i like it a lot.

Really liked this game beautiful drawings and fun puzzles nice work more please :) here is my playthrough 

This game was short and cute! Can't be in 2018 without it!

A short but fun little adventure. I really like the artstyle with the black and green background (sketch) and the character in colour!

Really well made game :D


Make sure come back in december for another one :D

I definitely will :D

Short, but sweet! Glad I found 2018; it'd SUCK to be stuck in 2017 ಠ_ಠ

Thank You! :D

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Hiya, I'd first like to say that I thought the game was great! It's a cute, fun and quick little adventure. I really liked the background drawings, kinda reminded me a bit of the bad dream series, thought they were cool.

Due to it's short length there isn't a whole lot for me to write about here, the platforming is enjoyable and the puzzles aren't too complex. I had a good time playing it.

I hope you don't mind, but I recorded a short let's play of your game for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes to you!



Hey!!. I like this game.. Is very entertaining and easy to play. I hope you will come up with a sequel. We all need to find 2019 after all!

Is a fun quirky quick game! The question I have is why santa though?

Amazing Game BRAVO

New year, who dis?

Haha, I do enjoy a good santa game.

See you same time next year!

Like always, You've made a great game.


This was a funny short little game :)

that was awesome. :D

Loved it. Such a great look and feel.

3rd Time lucky ?

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Love it, great little game. Thank you so much



Praise Santa, 2018 has been found! :) 

linux please!

working on it.

Thank you sir!


Where is version for Linux?

working on it.

Thank you, sir!

Incredible game. Congratulations!

Nice and beautiful! I've always play the "where is..." series. Loved it!