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Love all the MS games.......

This was so much fun! No too hard, not too easy. And with a great finale.

I couldn't get the linux version to run on NixOS, but the windows version went fine. Thanks for your awesome games. Hope you get more linux salvaged too


Oh man the visuals in this are so good. I love the ship and zapping those floating CV-19's was satisfying. 

Every year starts with  this adventure. Thank you Mateusz!


Thanks from linux! :)


I really love your games and I'm always so sad that I can never play them anymore because I'm on an older mac. This one is no different. It keeps quitting unexpectedly the moment it opens. Why can't these be accessible on the web like the one one through unity or some other new player? 

Great game with stunning visuals.

Happy New Year to Everyone, I really like Point and Click Games :D

I played this in my video 

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The navigation in this game is TERRIBLE. I know if it was decent, the game would be over in 2 minutes but I don't remember previous years being this bad.

I was one COVID short and it was in such a weird spot.

Very good game

loved it! music is great! thank you Mateusz Skutnik! 2021 will be great again ;)

I always look forward to these! I really enjoyed that, thank you so much for your games. Here's to a hopeful 2021

it’s cool guy! cool guyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Thanks! Enjoyed playing the game very much! :)

BTW: For those, playing this game on Arch Linux: you may need to install the packages openssl-1.0 and libcurl-gnutls.

Thank you Mateusz Skutnik! This is my favourite Where is game, with the 2015 and 2011 one (2015 is longer but is a bit hard, whereas this one is easy, has a great January atmosphere, and I'm glad to see again these 10 Gnomes 1 places, and a different, tired Santa/Ded Moroz).

I will not speak too much about which one is my favourite and which one not - Happy New Year, chance and health, good games, and we hope it will bring back some freedom - and -I hope visit one day Poland and this now famous city!

This was awesome!! 

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A haunting search that takes you through a a dark and anxiety filled pandemic year with a triumphant ending that leaves you with hope for a better future but without guarantee. 

So let every day count! 

Best to you and your family and have a Happy New Year!

I love it! And I love you! Thanks so much, It was just what I needed today. XOXOXO

That was great :)

Anyone playing on OSX Big Sur should know that it does work. You just need to:

1) Put the .app file into Applications (otherwise it will eventually say 'Unable to find game!' after steps 2 and 3)

2) In Applications, Right Click on the .app and go to open, which will give you a message saying it can't open it because it can't be checked for malicious software. Just click OK.

3) Right Click and go to open again, which will give you the same message as before but this time with the option to Open. Click that and the game will launch, provided it's in the Applications folder.

It was a weird year so it's good to play something familiar, that is always there. I really liked Where is 2021. It felt darker than previous games, but isn't the entire 2020 kind of dark? And yet, this game lightened my day. I'm very thankful that you keep making these games every year, at this point it is my tradition to play them on New Year's Eve :) 

And you are? I loved it!

I like the change compared to the previous games. 2021 looks like it could go either way, good or bad. But I'm hopeful too, it will be better. Happy New Year Mateusz! May your 2021 be awesome with Slice of Sea a success in every metric! :) 


Oh, I was excepting something about COVID-19


How do I tell my Windows 10 and Panda Dome anti virus that this is a safe file? Each time I try to play it quarantines the exe

turn off antivirus? :D

Also - there should be an option on that window that pops up about exe being blocked that allows to read more or see more  or advanced - where you can tell your computer to open it anyway.

Has anyone been able to play it on an iPad? I’m so disappointed that I can’t!

there is no iOS download here. Not sure why you're disappointed.

My mistake. Duh!

It's back. We'll I managed to complete where is 2021? and by chance I managed to guess the second binary code but I was unable to find the the actual item. Thank so much for this and. Enjoy the full uncut gameplay with no commentry.




Oof, looks like you were following some wildly outdated instructions for Linux builds. Not your fault! Ubuntu 14.04 is ancient, it stopped being supported ages ago. According to more recent docs, you should be building for 20.04. For the time being for all other Linux users, the best way to get it working on Linux is to add the windows exe as a non-steam game in Steam, and set it to use Proton compatibility tool, that works well.


I'll ty a build for 20.04 today and see what happens. :D

So amusing and impressive! Always fun to play the "Where is..." games!


Wow, I really love the atmosphere! 

In my opinion one of if not the best "Where is ..." (time to replay the others).


Great game! Worked well for me on Big Sur after to moving it to my application folder too :)

That's good news. :D

Fantastic, Mateusz, and splendid atmospheric music by Thumpmonks as ever! I too managed to get it to work on Mac Catalina just by moving it to Apps despite dire Apple warnings (rolleyes). PS which City is it?



As every year, your end-of-year-game is nice and amazing! Thanks!


Thank you so much Mateusz, another yearly tradition for me. The music was so complimentary. I wish you well for the next year. 


Lovely return to pointing and clicking, I hope this is just a tease of what we can expect after Slice of Sea. Particularly the music by ThumpMonks gave me a strong Submachine vibes.

I've also loved the ASCII easter egg - honestly I could not find the second disc, so it was nice to be able to finish this without randomly clicking everywhere.


Glad you liked it. Yes, Thumpmonks are working hard on music for Slice of Sea. And yes, I am returning to classing pnc mechanics.

Hâte d'acheter le grand jeu !!!!

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Worked for me on macOS (Catalina 10.15.7) after moving it to th Applications folder.

Thanks for this game, it was quite enjoyable to kick some viruses !




Brilliant! It was very satisfying to blast the [spoilers] out of the sky ;) Happy New Year to you too, Mateusz!


A very unique chapter of the 'Where is?' series with an incredible and immersive atmosphere reflecting the unprecedented course of this year.

The end of 2020 in a few days of course also marks the full conclusion of the special Flash era. Thank you Mateusz for the amazing experiences and the fond memories for more than a decade now. I wish you a happy New Year!


Thank You, and even though flash era ends - I'm not. ;)

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