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Is there any more updates coming for Submachine Universe? I finished playing through version 4.5.4.

There will be more updates in a few years when the game is ported to GameMaker, but this is currently the last update the game will see in Flash.

Hellooo! Happy Holidays! Thank you for the game! :D

I can't describe the following bug without mentioning a location; it's one of the very early locations, easily obtained, but still: 


which I'm going to fill with my system details:

MacOS High Sierra, Macbook 2017.

The sub_loc folder, the .app, and the .swf are kept together as in the zip.

I've temporarily disabled the Gatekeeper, or I wouldn't have been able to run the app itself, but I get the bug when I run the .swf file too.

I've started a completely new game, as advised. Everything is new: the sub_loc folder, the app, the swf.

Bug: In location 628, when I press the red button that should take me to an "alternate universe", all I get is a blank screen. The main menu keeps working, so I can quit the game for example, but I can't do any more in-game actions. I'd try to add a screenshot, but it would just be a black screen.


I'd be happy to provide more details, including a screenshot, if needed. I'm hoping it's just a case of Mur messing with a location file and Liz can persuade him to cease this prank. did you get the app to work...i've tried everything...disabling and such, but no luck...can you dumb it down and walk me through it?  where do you keep the files, on desktop or app folder?  with swf, i can get the initial screen, but it won't load the others, and with the app, even with firewalls off and "any app download ok" it still doesn't work for me...and i have same system high sierra...thank you.

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I keep the .app, the .swf, and the sub_loc folder at the same level, inside a SNEE folder which sits inside Applications.

And the only thing that worked for me was to drag and drop the .swf file in Chrome. (Opera and Firefox didn't work, got "file not found" or a blank screen.)

PS: Oh, and I also removed the old files from Applications. (I kept a backup, just in case, but not anywhere inside Applications.)

you can download app and play the game from under it. works like a charm I was told. :D

thank you for the response...finally got it to work with the app.  yay!

Adding a back pack in the submachine universe like in the exit, would be very nice.  I would suggest next to the bed, or just next to the computer.

I also have a question. Will you release Submachine Universe 4.5.5?

If you have finished playing through 4.5.4, you should know the answer to this question ;)

i have a question. when is where is 2018? coming out

this page is for submachine. but i think its already out

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Please fix this bug:

At 000 the switches are meant to be up up up, after connection it still wont open because the start position was already up up up.

Same Problem in final area with that pipe thingy they should be all horizontal but they are already from the beginning . After switching it, it still doesn't do anything.

I know the solution to 000 changes with each game although I have yet to see up up up. I am just about to play through again using the latest download and will see if I get a problem in the final area; can you please give a bit more of a clue to which location you mean with pipes?

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At ... after you got the switch,  and go in the karma portal at that location there is also a similar puzzle with horizontal and vertical lines, like in submachine one. I don't know what to call it, a pipe with three  regulators which leads to sort of a big container. The clue clearly says horizontal horizontal horizontal, but it is the same as the starting position. I tried every possible combination and it wont open for me 2^3=8. (There is Karma Light flowing out , when you have them vertically).  

I have completed the game a few times with different solutions for 000 but in 966 I always do the same thing and just open the 3 valves so that the container lids pops out. I'd never taken any notice of the position of the lines on the pipes above until I read your bug report!

I'm on Windows 10 and I have the same issue.

I have updated my zip file, I don't know if it will happen again.
Maybe my Download File was corrupted or something, because every time I started a new game, it had the same starting position and clue.

Having just played this game through to the end for the first time I wanted to say how enjoyable it was. Thanks so much for making it!

Evertime i close the game then come back and hit continue it start a new game or something

updated the zip file, works fine now.


my game is not saving


should work ok now.



I have the weight companion cube but I don't know how to use it.

I just completed the game and didn't use the Weight Companion Stone.

yeah, you can keep it. ;)

Will you release Submachine Universe 4.5.5?

Also an idea, you should be able to place one of the dragon toungues in the dragon statue at 992 and then remove it.

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good idea.


Done. :D

Hello i found a visual glitch at 859: If youu click the reading book with all submachine pages swice realy fast you will get two books over each other and when you click continue your items will glitch and get stuck in the corner.  :)

Where do i post bugs is this the place im supposed to post them?

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thx, looking into it.


found and fixed. Good find! Thanks!

New version coming up probably tomorrow.

Astounding work here, just finished playing through, made my holiday season!  Saving up the updates was definitely worth it, finding 19 separate locations in one go is like getting an entirely new submachine game!  I suppose I should go live my life now, lol, thank you so much for your dedication to this project, it means a lot!  Looking forward to the new year!


Yes, this latest expansion is game-sized.

I've played the Submachine Universe version 4.5.4.

Will you release Submachine Universe 4.5.5?

Enter 001 for the first time the right fence is open but the bell is the close state,plz fix this bug.



update coming up probably tomorrow.

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tried to follow wizwardicuz's lead in opening with mac, but no luck...nothing shows up marked flash and if i try to simply dump into browser, a blank page shows up...when i put it in the app folder, it states that the certificate has been revoked...the privacy settings were set as suggested...don't know what else to do...any thoughts?

by the by, the swf shows up blank as well.

but, i am able to download all of the others successfully.

I guess Apple is just trying to kill flash for good.

idk...don't have any issues with other flash games, but thanks for the response.

iOS treasts them differently once they're actually downloaded and not in browser.

Try opening .swf through browser as shown in the thoubleshooting .txt.

i go.  doomed to go without.


I have the same problem. :(

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Now I have soap×2, weight companion stone, piece of chalk, tile B and tile C.I don't konw how to use them. I also don't  know why there is Japanese in location 314. It's we Chinese calculated π exactly long long ago, not Japanese.

items: wait for next update (December 20th)

314: point me in the right direction of Chinese symbols for this (preferably a similar image). 

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Thank you for your reply. I have played your game since sub1 in 2007. It's difficult for westerns to difference Chinese and Japanese. I like sub4 best.

Sure, but can you show me the chinese symbols?...

Centre is 圆心  Radius is 半径  Diameter is 直径 Circle is 圆周   They are similar to Japanese.

thx :D

changes implemented.  :D


Sorry for posting locations. But you're doing a good work with your drawings about Submachine. I like your games and these updates are just amazing for sure and I hope to see more games from you.

I had to make an account here for the sake of this, just wanted to express my journey with the submachine.

It has been a long journey, and as the first three submachine games were released, i randomly stumbled over it and it baffled me, the desire to explore/escape into an endless layer of confussion and still to the very end, it all made little to no sense as if regardless of years of knowledge we never fully understood it's universe. This game has been a place for me to escape, *ironically* my own little submachine. IT is truly one of the greatest game and concept i have played and seen, it is facinating in so many ways.

I don't know where you got this crazy idea to make this game, Even buyed some of them even if i had the option to not, you deserve it. I want to thank you for sharing this amazing world of yours. and i hope to see more games from you, and i will keep supporting. Also cover front was also a really good game i enjoyed allot

Thanks for reading this, keep up the good work :)

Thank You.

And yes, more submachines coming up later on.

Hi Mateusz,

I have High Sierra running but although I managed to change to "Anywhere" it tells me: Cannot open, throw away!

What can I do?


move it from downloads do applications

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The Crecy Evaluationen I could play now. Very good! :)

Unfortunatly, it didn't work with Submachine Universe. :( 

I presume you are on Mac? When all else failed, this is how I got it to open for me, it might work for you. Open up the "Terminal" application. Then find "Submachine universe" in your files. Right click it and a list of options appears. Click "Show package contents".  A folder called "contents" should appear, inside that folder should be another called "MacOS". There should be only one file in there called "Flash player".  Drag that into your "Terminal" window and then press enter.  Submachine universe should start up with no issues. And then, if you ever wish to play it again, you don't need to do that full song and dance every time.  After your first time doing this, you need only press up while in terminal to see what should your most recent command, opening submachine universe. From there press enter and it should start up again.

Wonderful, Wizwardicuz! 

It worked! 


Thanx a lot!

I just wanted to play it now, but there is only a black scene. I can go back to the menu and I hear the sound, but can nothing do there. Does the game begins like that? Or is something wrong?

I can tell you right now, that's not supposed to happen. How did you try opening the game? Because , personally, I have never had that happen using the "Terminal" method. It does happen sometimes when I use use the SWF version.

WORKED! Thank you so much for providing this workaround.

Oh yeah it works !

Thanks to you I have created a start.command file in the "submachine_universe_mac" folder with the following 3 lines script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
BASEDIR=$(dirname "$0")
"$BASEDIR"/\ Player

if you give execution permissions :

chmod 755 start.command

Then next time you will only need to open this "start.command" file from the Finder (and won't need to use the terminal)

Hey Mateusz!

Was just wondering, will there be another update before the end of the year?  I have been "saving up" the last few updates for a larger play through over the Christmas break, but wanted to make sure I wasn't waiting in vain!

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yes. Hold on a bit more. If you have saved few previous expansions, this one will be epic for you. ;)

Oh, sorry. I meant that "cave-in" is a blockage. I didn't mean to remove a location, I meant that the "cave-in" is a blockage.

Qh, get it. :D

does the game start completely blacked out 

No. Are you on a Mac?

Move it from Dwonloads to Applications, please.

So, as I perused your lovely game, I noticed something... a little odd. In the theories that litter this game, you leave hints for locations, but only ever at the end(presumably so people aren't forced to read theories). In fact, location coordinates are redacted in the theories themselves, except for one. In location 051 there is a theory that mentions the locations 947 and 553. The fact it does this is odd enough, but what makes it even odder is that all the other location codes are redacted. So, I have to ask, was this intentional or did you just miss these two in what is certainly a very long theory?

that might have been missed. :D

Thanks for the heads up, will blank them out with next update.

I'm a Mac user,  and the game is working perfectly :)

I also check for updates what version has released later and want to see the new locations on the Submachine Wiki. So what is the new 5 locations?

hey, i know a few of the locations. if you are interested knowing them

Please don't post any locations in comments (to prevent spoilers) ;)

sure thing. btw are there any other big games that you may or may not be releasing in the future??


I regularly check for updates to Submachine Universe. All of your games like these make me so happy! There are all sorts of click escape, exploration, or puzzle games out there, but when I first found the Submachine games, I was in awe. I've played them several times over, and only looked at walkthroughs after hours and hours of being stuck. Thank you so much for making the games that you do. They're more than just games, they're an experience, and i try to tell people to play them whenever I can bring it up.


Hold on, new update coming out this week. And yeah, I know it's friday. ;)

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I remember playing submachine with my friends in middle school and talking to each other about things we discovered in the game, like a hidden room, etc.  I recently bought and played all the submachines and almost broke into tears by the nostalgia and the emotions. All the Submachines, especially Submachine 10 The Exit are definitely the most beautifull and emotion provoking  videogames that i've ever played and the music fits so well. I can't wait for more to come.  Thank you. 

I don't realy know where to post this so i guess i'll just post it here. hehe, i saw a comment section and i thought i would leave some thoughts.


Thank You. :D

More will come, as well as remakes of old ones, redone in newer engine.


  I don't even know what to say right now.. Your video games defined my childhood. I remember being in the first grade playing Submachine and knowing the layouts by heart. And to this day, I still go back to them, to walk in the footsteps of my childhood overtaken by nostalgia. You are a brilliant developer and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future! :D


hold on, there'll be more submachine still. :D

Hi! What about Submachine for Android?

Not happening, afaik.

WOW, that's the game I played since the first episode.... congratulations Mateusz, your games are something special, good luck with next work and... can I ask you 2 questions?

> Will you release covert front 5?

> And.... Submachine Engine?

1. No.

2. Yes.

Hi Mateusz,

Thank you for creating this amazing experience! I love the Submachine games, and have been playing since many years now after first stumbling upon it while looking for awesome ways to procrastinate.. So I downloaded submachine universe and it would only play thru the browser on my Mac.. but I cannot figure out how to save and return to where I last left - I have to start from the beginning all over again! I am going crazy after doing that twice already at work (heheh) please help! how do I save my  progress!? (by the way I am not very tech-literate so if it is possible please tell me step-by-step what needs to be done!)

Thank you!

the game saves by itself. However, since it's flash, it's kind of obsolete and new operating systems and browsera might block it's ability to save.

Check your local storage settings for flash allowance. 

Nothing works :( I guess I will have to take a day and explore the whole place in one go!

or wait until it's all done in a better engine. ;)

Mateusz can you help me, i've installed the mac version of the game and I got the iSwiff app too. So I open the game and I got a black screen, the sub_loc file is in the zip but I still can't play the game, can you help me?

I've got some screen shots if needed.

btw I'd love to know how you even make your games, you inspired me to make puzzle games! 

try opening it via browser (just drag the subnet.swf file to it). then set it to fullscreen (your browser) and you're set to go.

or wait until I port this all to the game maker, since flash is kind of obsolete by now...

thanks for helping me it worked!

Mateusz, I'm having bit of a problem downloading and playing the new updated version. I downloaded this new version, put it in the same folder as my old version (Does it need to be out of the folder it downloads in or does it need to stay in the folder it downloads in but put that folder in the folder with the original game? Confusing I know sorry.), and then I try to play it but I get an error saying the download is broken or that it's not a complete download. I'm using the OSX version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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try redownloading again. And the using swf files (in your browser) instead of .app files. I know it's confusing, I can't wait till we ditch that flash version as well...

Thanks, got it working after some organization of folders and files. Ran into an issue with my inventory (Notebook and items I had collected) had disappeared. So I just restarted with a new game. Took awhile to get through everything but I'm pretty sure I'm as far down the road as I can be now. Thanks for the help though really appreciate it. I hope I have everything that's been added so far. Soap x2, Piece of Chalk, Copper Plate, Sigil, and Companion Cube. 

PS: I love the Portal references. Portal 1 and 2 were some of my favorite games.

Mateusz, give me the answer please. Why I need 2 soaps, piece of chalk, bell cube and weigth companion cube? I have found all locations.

P.S. Is the Sub10 real end or it's just picture with script gollographic Murtaugh's hand.

P.P.S. I am Russian. I am sorry for any mistakes in words and phrases.

Thank you.


those items don't have any use for now. they will surely be usable in future updates.

sub10 is the real end. But there will be more, just not murtaugh-related.

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One more question. You create ISubmachine for IOS. And why you delete ISubmachine from appstore? Why you don't create Submachine for Android?Steam subeWhat the first Submachine on steam???

iSubmachine was created in 2008, almost 10 years ago. And it was for iPhone 1 or 2...

It's completely unplayable and obsolete by now.

"Submachine: the engine" will be he second game to come out on steam. First one is not submachine, but the big game that I'm working on right now.

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